FRIGEL Microgel Syncro Control RSY TCU/Chiller Combination | INJECTION DEPOT GROUP
TCU/Chiller Combination
Microgel Syncro Control RSY
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Increased productivity for Technical Molding Increased production up to 60% thanks to the drastic reduction of cooling time Better product quality in terms of dimensional tolerances, structural characteristics and aesthetic finish thanks to a better filling of the mold Affordable investment & high ROI Easy to configure and use thanks to simple work recipes stored for each mold It does not require modifications to the mold Intelligent use of energy consumption thanks to reduced injection pressure, lower consumption of hot runners and lower closing force FEATURES Synchronized Control Digital synchronization with the mold cycle to find the best part quality and cycle time Microswitch for quick and easy synchronization with the mould Possibility to memorize and store the parameters for each mold (Recipes) Online wizard recipe finding for the molds Weekly performance report focused on productivity and uptime Real-time analysis (kWh/kg) Integrated remote connectivity

Microgel Syncro Control RSY
TCU/Chiller Combination