Experience Full Control

Visual is broken down into three functionality levels depending on the needs of robot product ranges:

- Touch2, simple and intuitive for quickly creating a simple pick & place cycle

- Visual2 provides speed and intelligence for programming 3 to 5-axis automation systems

- Visual3 offers even better performances, more functions and network connectivity

    Visual, what you see is what you get

    - 10’’ LCD touch control screen

    - Simple Pick & Place module with 3D display on the screen

    - Joystick for making fine and delicate adjustments in the mold

    - Online documentation that can be viewed at any time

    - Troubleshooting available on the screen, fault identification

    - The notepad function to transfer information from one team to another

    - Eco mode: when the cycle is started

    - USB stick to backup and transfer your programs and/or to program different accesses for different operators

    - Ethernet port to connect the robot to your factory’s network or to locally connect a PC


      Simple Pick & Place application
      Simple stacking
      Simple downstream equipment: belt conveyor, nipper…

      ​100 programs
      10 sub-routines per program
      1x 16I/O in the cabinet (option)
      3 Servo Axis maximum


      More complex downstream equipment: Conveying system with complex stacking & interlayers, insert feeders, de-gating stations… Management of interferences with the environment (PLC). Mold / EOAT coding.

      ​1000 programs
      1000 sub-routines per program
      2x 16I/O modules (option)
      5 Servo Axis maximum
      Internal PLC (100ms)


      Complex applications with multiple downstream process & more than 2x I/O modules. Intelligent Sensors: Vision, RFID, Bar Code Path Tracking. Robot on 2 IMM, 2 robots on a beam. Connectivity to factory network:ethernet ,TCP/IP

      ​Faster PLC (20ms)
      1 I/O module included +5 optional
      Digital vacuum switch included.
      8 Servo Axis maximum

      MPA2P control system

      Pneumatic sprue pickers with MPA2P control system

      Sepro Robot Handshake with IMM