This may look like one machine...

In 2010, Shibaura Machine revolutionized injection molding with the ECSX series of all-electrics. The powerhouse of injection molding, it not only gave molders faster dry cycle times, longer mold life and more uniform clamping force, but more shot sizes from a single machine and the most advanced controller on the market.

Now we’ve taken the next step. Introducing the all-new ECSXII – all-electrics with the same versatility and performance, along with a streamlined frame design, significantly faster injection speeds and new features making your investment work harder and smarter.

Extremely flexible and versatile, the new ECSXII is ideal for virtually all molding applications, from automotive and aerospace, to packaging, medical and more.

Simultaneous motion

Simultaneous motion is standard on the new ECSXII. Cycle times can be improved up to 30% with the combination of simultaneous motion and high speed movement.
Eject on the fly

Eject parts as the clamp opens, dramatically improving cycle times. In most cases, the mold opens and closes without a pause for ejection.
Lap sequence

Allows injecting as soon as the mold halves touch. Improves cycle time and venting of the tool. ​

Clamp relax
​The clamp immediately relaxes during cooling, taking more time off the cycle.
Additional simultaneous sequences that shrink your cycle times
- Opening the mold while charging.
- Pulling the core in and out on the fly.

Stress reduction
Coining, which allows the injection to start at lower tonnage and increase to full tonnage during injection, reduces internal stress on the parts.

Repeatability at high speeds
Even at top speed, with multiple functions working seamlessly in tandem, there is no loss of precision or accuracy.

5-point Link- line toggle

The ECSXII’s 5-point Link- line toggle mechanism is angled to distribute force evenly across the platen, increasing quality and minimizing defects. It has the added benefit of extending mold life and reducing machine maintenance.

​Two-piece removable platens can be changed out in 15 minutes giving you extraordinary flexibility.

Ball screws are designed to push heavier loads, spreading the load across a much larger surface area than conventional ball screws.

With bushing-free, grease-free tie bars, there’s less chance of contaminating molded parts, increasing your shop’s quality..

Strain gauge adjusts tonnage automatically and on the fly during the cycle. This ensures accurate tonnage at all times.

You can now fit hydraulic power units directly under the ECSXII, thanks to the machine’s redesigned, space-saving frame (power units not included). Its streamlined design also allows easy access to electrical panels and components.

Easy access to tie in the ejection plate to the press, for faster, easier mold changes.

The S3 Injection Unit

(S3) Simple, Steady, Smooth – Friction free drive system ensures more accurate injection speed and back pressure control, improving shot-to-shot repeatability throughout the processing cycle.

The heavy weight on the injection unit is supported on linear guides, greatly reducing the drag of injection and backpressure.

The ECSXII uses an advance load cell which ensures accurate control of injection pressure. In combination with the V50 controller, this load cell achieves Scientific Molding over the balance of the mold without the use of internal transducers.