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The Sepro Group designs and integrates 3-axis, 5-axis and 6 axis robots with a unique native control platform to equip injection molding machines of all brands. We pay constant attention to the customer, technological innovation and global service to ensure the success of your projects, worldwide. Applications
• Complex universal unloading applications for ejected parts
• Post processing of parts
• Simple Pick & Place
• Simple stacking applications
• Complex applications: stacking, advanced palletizing, insert placing, insert molding, vision
• Path tracking
• Applications requiring multiple part orientations in space
• Network communication with peripherals


The monobloc frame structure and prismatic guide rails ensure greater rigidity, adapted to the high acceleration of moving parts.


Powerful servomotors associated with intelligent, anti-vibration software guarantee maximum acceleration and minimum mold intervention time.


A historical standard on all of Sepro’s Cartesian robots: it simplifies the programming of part accompaniment during ejection and can reduce the cost of your EOATs by simplifying their design.

Visual 3 Control

The Visual 3 control system is adapted for complex applications where several peripherals must be managed and it may include more than two 16I/16O boards.
• Controls up to 8 servomotor axes, up to 16 axes in multi-cabinet configuration
• Smart sensors: Vision, RFID, barcode and external axis tracking
• Fast PLC function (20ms instead of 100ms) and extended capacity for controlling complex peripheral systems and external servo axes
• One 16I/16O board included as standard and up to 5 as options
• Digital vacuum switch for programming and recording part grip settings for each mold, as standard
• Path tracking function for programming flame treatment of parts or any other complex extraction process from the IMM
• Connection to Ethernet network , TCP/IP or WiFi, to create and transfer programs to the robot from a central PC (option)

In Summary:

• Rigid single-piece frame structure
• Prismatic linear guides for high accelerations
• Powerful servomotors and antivibration software
• Compact, precise and agile Stäubli servo wrist
• Y free function for accompanying parts ejected from the mold
• Path tracking function standard thanks to Visual 3
• Direct or telescopic (except for 5X-15) vertical arm
• Heavy Load Version (Option) on 5X-35 for carrying loads up to 20 kg