Welcome to Injection Depot, the proud representative of Sepro Group in Canada. Sepro offers a wide range of 3-axis, 5-axis, and 6-axis robots with a native control platform that can be integrated with new or existing injection molding machines of all brands. Sepro's focus on technological innovation, global service, and customer satisfaction ensures the success of your projects.


Sepro's robots are suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from simple Pick & Place and stacking to more complex tasks, such as insert molding, vision, and path tracking. They can handle multiple part orientations in space and communicate with peripherals through network connectivity. We offer all the requirements to automate your plastic injection molding machines and to create more value to the parts you are producing. With solutions ranging from turnkey to tailor-made solutions, reliable robot technologies, guarding, EOATs, peripherals all integrated in one cell.


Sepro's robots feature a rigid monobloc frame structure and prismatic guide rails that provide greater rigidity, even during high acceleration movements. Powerful servomotors and intelligent software ensure maximum acceleration and minimum mold intervention time. Sepro's Y free function simplifies part accompaniment during ejection, and their Visual 3 control system manages multiple peripherals with ease.

Additional Features:

Sepro's robots come with a compact, precise, and agile servo wrist, as well as a path tracking function that is standard thanks to Visual 3. The robots have a direct or telescopic (except for 5X-15) vertical arm, and a Heavy Load Version (Option) on 5X-35 for carrying loads up to 20 kg.

In summary, Sepro's robots offer a unique native control platform, are suitable for a range of applications, and feature a rigid structure, fast motors, intelligent software, and a Y free function. With their Visual 3 control system, they offer advanced functionality, and their direct or telescopic vertical arms and Heavy Load Version make them versatile and reliable.

For 48 years Sepro has experienced an enviable industrial success story with almost 40.000 injection molding machines equipped throughout the world. we offer amazing engineering support and readily available parts in Warrendale, PA United States. Our team of two full-time technicians, based in Canada, provides on-site expertise. Additionally, our technical center in Markham, Ontario, serves as a hub for consistent training to ensure our customers stay at the top of their game. Here, we showcase our range of 3, 5, and 6-axis robots.