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ZCS 1000 Shredder/granulator combination
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Hopper: The machine is fitted with a large filling hopper and can be loaded manually, by conveyor belt or fork lift. The funnel can be adapted to suit individual requirements. Hydraulic ram: The hydraulically operated pusher feeds the material to be shredded automatically into the rotor’s cutting chamber by load-related controls. The hydraulic system is equipped with high-pressure valves and volumetric flow controls, which can be both set per the demands of the input materials. Rotor (Shredder): The ‘E’ style rotor made has a diameter of 400 mm and operates at a speed of 104 rpm. The 4-way rotating knives are mounted in special bolt in knife holders. Rotor (Granulator): The granulator is equipped with a 5-knife rotor, this allows for an efficient processing of the pre-shredded material. The design of the rotor allows for ample airflow to avoid overheating of the material. Rotor bearings: The extremely robust pedestal bearing housings are mounted outside the machine and separate from the cutting chamber to prevent dust and dirt penetrating the oversized bearings. This ensures a long life and minimum maintenance. Screen: The screen mounted beneath the rotor determines the size of the output material. The screen is also easily accessible by a separate flap and can be changed easily. Drive: Both machines are individually driven allowing for better control of the complete process. The shredder is driven via a gearbox located on the shaft end on one side of the rotor. The granulator is driven by a separate belt drive. To increase the efficiency of the system a ZERMA SmartDrive system can be used which constantly monitors the load of the system and adjust the current accordingly to reduce electricity consumption. Material discharge: The material can be discharged with a standard blower system form the bin mounted underneath the granulator. Electrical controls: The wholes system is controlled from a single control panel. Including sequence start and overload protection.

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Feed opening: 1500 x 600 mm Rotor width (Shredder): 40” 1000 mm Rotor diameter (Shredder): 16” 400 mm Drive capacity (Shredder): 40 hp 30 kW Hydraulic drive capacity (Shredder): 5 hp 3.75 kW No of rotor knives (Shredder): 27 Rotor diameter (Granulator): 12” 300mm Motor capacity (Granulator): 20 hp 15 kW

ZCS 1000 Shredder/granulator combination

ZCS 1000 Shredder/granulator combination