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In 2010, Shibaura Machine revolutionized injection molding with the ECSX series of all-electrics. The powerhouse of injection molding, it not only gave molders faster dry cycle times, longer mold life and more uniform clamping force, but more shot sizes from a single machine and the most advanced controller on the market.

TypeAll Electric
Clamping Force Tonnage610
Barrel CodeAT
Shot Volume (PS)102.3 oz
Shot Volume (PE)81.1 oz
Screw Diameter95 mm
Maximum Injection Pressure26100 psi
Maximum Holding Pressure21800 psi
Screw Speed STD140 rpm
Screw Speed High Torque95 rpm
Injection Rate STD1063 cm3/sec
Screw Torque STD5500 NxM
Screw Torque High Speed7090 NxM
Plasticizing Capacity (PS) STD116.7 g/sec
Plasticizing Capacity (PS) High Torque80.6 g/sec
Nozzle Touch Force6.6 T
Tie Bar Distance H38.1"
Tie Bar Distance V35.8"
Platen Dimension H53.7"
Platen Dimension V51.2"
Clamp Stroke35.4"
Maximum Daylight74.8"
Mold Height Min15.7"
Mold Height Max39.4"
Ejector Force14.3 T
Ejector Stroke7.1"
Power supply Volts230
Main Breaker Electric Capacity200 va
Heater Capacity34.3 kw
ControlCNC (V70)
Dimensions29.0 x 7.5 x 7.7 Feet
Weight31.4 US Ton
Shibaura Machine EC610SXIIIV70-i61AT
Horizontal Injection Moulding Machines