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TCU/Chiller Combination
Microgel - RSD/RSM
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Temperature control unit, single zone (RSM) or double zone (RSD), consisting of a water-cooled chiller combined with one or two temperature controllers with high-flow booster pumps with or without inverter, heating elements and free-cooling valve. Microgel is a super-compact mold cooling unit specifically designed for “cycle cooling time reduction”. It allows for researching and recording the best setting of temperature for each zone, optimizing product quality with the minimum cycle cooling time. Available in 6 models with cooling capacity from 3 to 16 Tons, with heating capacity from 6 to 18 kW (for each zone). Main advantages • Increased productivity up to 33% thanks to cycle time reduction of up to 25% compared to standard TCU • Intelligent use of energy consumption • High energy savings with automatic free-cooling (for "Ecodry" version) • Ready to remote interface via MiNDTM supervision sy-stem • Temperature and pressure readings (IN/OUT) • Solid state relay for heater control • Available Inverter driven process pumps • Flow meters on process pumps (optional) • Standard digital interface for remote ON/OFF and alarm transmission • Insulation for low operating temperatures Benefits for the process • Perfect repeatability and high productivity • Possibility of searching the best cooling conditions • Complete independence in setting work parameters • Pressure - flow (optional) - temperature control of each individual process • Precision in process temperature control • Permanently stable and controlled cooling conditions • High cooling efficiency and minimal temperature diffe-rencial on the mold • High reliability • Maximum flexibility to eliminate the known problems of process cooling (condensation, appearance of the piece, respect for the dimensional aspects) • Maximum integration between Microgel, machine and operator

Temperature control unit, single zone (RSM) or double zone (RSD)

Temperature control unit, single zone (RSM) or double zone (RSD)
TCU/Chiller Combination