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Adiabatic cooler
Ecodry 3DK
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Water temperature to process:95°F
Cooling capacity Min14 T
Cooling capacity Max2845 T
Water flow to process Min45 gpm
Water flow to process Max8805 gpm
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ADVANTAGES OF ADIABATIC COOLER A fluid cooler with better performance Guaranteed operation with minimum water consumption and maintenance even in extreme climatic conditions, up to 50 °C (122 ˚F) ambient air temperature. Safe winter operation without glycol down to an ambient temperature of -40 °C (-40 ˚F). High energy savings of fans in partial load operation. Compact installation with minimal floor space required between modules. High reliability with electrical redundancy and built with 100% non-ferrous materials. FEATURES OF ECODRY 3DK Total control Maximum water temperature to process: 30/35 °C (86/95 ˚F). Cooling capacity: 50 - 10,000 kW (14 - 2,845 tons). Water flow to process: 10 - 2,000 m3/hr (45 - 8,805 gpm). High efficiency adiabatic chamber for air pre-cooling, for operation in ambient temperatures up to 50 °C (122 ˚F). Drainable configuration to prevent freezing. Heat exchangers with a wide exchange surface, with copper tubes and aluminum fins with hydrophilic protection. Axial fans with DC motors, brushless, inverter driven and individually connected. Modular design with pre-assembled stainless steel connection manifolds. Stainless steel structure and aluminum access panels.

Ecodry 3DK is a centralized closed-circuit adiabatic cooling system

Ecodry 3DK is a centralized closed-circuit adiabatic cooling system
Adiabatic cooler