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Spectro 4.0™ Smart Technologies
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New In-line Continuous Color Measurement and Correction Technology Spectro 4.0™ Smart Technologies is a patented* color measurement system that offers Industry 4.0 innovations, such as in-line color measuring and correction capabilities, to ensure that real-time production meets the set color specifications. Fiber optic sensors compare color data to the preset color standard throughout the manufacturing process to deliver consistent and accurate color monitoring – all without interrupting production or creating delays by collecting samples to test. Designed for plastic injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes, this highly accurate QA solution allows manufacturers to maintain uniform color standards both in-house and with contract processors around the world. Spectro 4.0 also incorporates optional cloud services so each line’s color performance can be verified wherever cellular service is available. Spectro 4.0 can greatly reduce downtime, the consumption of expensive masterbatch, product rejects and the cost of scrap. Instantaneous color measurements allow color corrections quickly during production and provide historical data to improve future productivity. Spectro 4.0 removes all subjectivity associated with achieving consistent color quality by way of L*a*b* value measurements and acceptable delta E threshold levels. LIAD innovative feeders, blenders and quality control equipmentTake it further with SpectroMetric® and integrate the Spectro 4.0 in-line spectrometer with the LIAD Smart ColorSave® 1000 masterbatch feeder to adjust masterbatch dosing automatically, in real-time, ensuring color consistency. SpectroMetric runs on L*a*b* specifications, not on set LDR’s, and are continually monitored for the lowest possible setting to maintain correct color specifications at the lowest possible colorant usage rates – even when running PCR or regrind. SpectroMetric can potentially reduce overall colorant consumption and cost by metering at the lowest possible LDR while maintaining the target color. Look for the LIAD Smart label to ensure the highest quality accuracy.

Spectro Metric 4.0™Smart Technologies

Spectro Metric 4.0™Smart Technologies
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