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Shibaura Electrics- The Shibaura Electric machine takes 2/3rd's less power to operate compared to a servo hydraulic machine. The Shibaura Electric only uses power when a servo drive is active for their particular movements and with the Linear Bearings the effort the servo makes to move the clamp and injection unit is very minimal. When the servo drive is unhooked you can physically move the clamp or injection unit by hand.. All this combined with Simultaneous Movement Cycle times can be improved up to 30% with the combination of simultaneous motion and high speed movement. Simultaneous motion is standard on the new ECSX machines. V70 Controller - 19" True Split Screen V70 Controller - 19" True Split Screen with Touch/Swipe Functionality with the new Injectvisor V70, you get a controller designed with the smart factory in mind, one that’s capable of integrating with auxiliary equipment via OPC-UA communication. Packed with new tools for speeding up mold set ups, optimizing cycle times, analyzing part defects, troubleshooting molding defects and more, giving you a faster payback on your machinery investment. Eject on the fly Eject parts as the clamp opens, dramatically improving cycle times. In most cases, the mold opens and closes without a pause for ejection. Lap sequence Allows injecting as soon as the mold halves touch. Improves cycle time and venting of the tool. Clamp relax The clamp immediately relaxes during cooling, taking more time off the cycle. Additional simultaneous sequences that shrink your cycle times Opening the mold while charging. Pulling the core in and out on the fly. Stress reduction Coining, which allows the injection to start at lower tonnage and increase to full tonnage during injection, reduces internal stress on the parts. Repeatability at high speeds Even at top speed, with multiple functions working seamlessly in tandem, there is no loss of precision or accuracy. Other Electric Benefits No oil No Heat Exchanger No chiller No noise of pumps Only heat coming off the machine is the heater bands Intertek Intertek has been a trusted partner of Toshiba Machine for many years. Intertek professionalism assures that our customers are protected when it comes to machinery electrical safety. As one of the approved electrical safety authority fast, reliable services for SPE-1000 Labels. The sticker an inspection comes included with every new Toshiba Purchase. Here is the introduction to the EC-SX Machines. Here is the download page where you will find all specs and presentations. FAQ.

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