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Machinery Modification Services
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At Injection Depot Group our goal is to provide solutions that make your production better, easier, safer and more profitable. This is often done with upgrades, repairs and modifications to existing equipment. Imagineering allows us to provide you with improved ergonomic features, to make the operation easier and safer, improving employee retention and satisfaction while boosting quality and productivity at the same time. Our machinery modification services are open for all types of automation projects, be it adding a totally new machine/method or modifying an existing operation. For instance, if you need to increase the effectiveness of your existing injection molding machine or replace an ineffective machine with a new one, we’re here to help you. Injection Depot Group has helped many customers increase their Machine speed as well as decrease scrap and down time. Past customers have included the Ipex , Innotech precision, Mercedes, Magna to name a few. We pride ourselves on our commitment to satisfying your needs!

Machinery Modification Services -

Machinery Modification Services -
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