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Industry 4.0
SpectroMetric 4.0™ Smart Technologies
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New In-line Continuous Color Measurement and Correction Technology SpectroMetric 4.0™ integrates all the benefits of the Spectro 4.0 in-line spectrometer with ColorSave® 1000 masterbatch feeder Exclusive in-line, continuous color correction system incorporates the ColorSave® 1000 masterbatch feeder with the Spectro 4.0 to automatically adjust the color dosing in real-time, ensuring color consistency without human intervention • Enables varying usage percentages of PCR’s and regrinds while maintaining color standards • Color output tied to L*a*b*specifications, rather than estimated LDR’s, to maintain the correct color specifications at the lowest possible colorant usage rates – even when running PCR or regrind • Automated color measurement and correction facilitates Industry 4.0 integration and lights-out operation

Spectro Metric 4.0™

Spectro Metric 4.0™
Industry 4.0