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High performance temperature control units (single and double zone) with booster pumps.Turbogel is a mold cooling unit with one or two high flow booster pump temperature controllers, specifically designed for “cycle cooling time reduction”. Digitally-synchronized with the molding machine, allows for researching and recording the best setting of cooling parameters and sequence of heating and/or cooling that optimizes product quality and cycle time.


Available in single zone (RBM) or dual zone (RBD) configuration in single compact cabinets Quick and easy set-up and minimal floor space Reduced amount of hoses, eliminating external pressure drops Independent zone control in one HMI up to 194°F/90°C (230°F/110°C in some models) Standard all non-ferrous water contact surfaces Wide pump selections up to 700 gpm (2650 lpm) per zone Heater capacities to 24 kW per zone Standard motorized modulating servo temperature control valves for precise accuracy to ±0.5°F (±0.25°C) Maximum flow for typical cycle time reductions of 20% or more Full function microprocessor controls for quick mold set-up and troubleshooting, with selectable metric or IP units of measure Cooling and heating outputs Process water ΔP and calculated flow readouts Dated and time stamped historical alarm log Many standard languages and machine interface protocols